74 Spontaneous

Just so no one can accuse me of NOT being spontaneous, I did something totally without planning today. We had one of our cars in for service this week and it was ready for pick-up. The auto dealership is in Irvine, across the freeway from Pretend City. How Baby M knew just how close she was to one of her favorite places, I'll never know. That kid has a serious sense of direction. After dropping Hubby off and while heading toward the freeway south, Baby M said, "Mommy, I want to go to Pretend City!" I changed course in the nick-of-time (I sound like my grandmother) and soon we found ourselves in the mini-cityscape with half of the county. Yes, it was very busy due to the weather. But we had fun and found some new things to play with.

These giant lego-type blocks are a recent addition to the building area. Baby M loved them and made several structures, including a tower taller than her!

She painted a leprechaun red! I'm sure he appreciated that.
Since I was being so spontaneous, I was in my grunge-stay-at-home-on-a-rainy-day clothes. I got a few looks, people probably thinking, "poor woman." I did have make-up on though and I was showered. :o)