73 Surprise!

Every morning Baby M checks the leprechaun trap to see if we caught anyone. She begs me for the flashlight so she can check inside the trap. Sadly, no leprechaun. I asked her what she would do if she saw a leprechaun...this was her face!

I think they would both be surprised!
Later that night both girls played in the San Clemente area concert. Little D chose to play the trumpet this year. She's not very committed but seems to like it well enough. Mostly, I think she likes hanging out with her friend.

Little D's trumpet buddy is on the left.
 Miss K is so mature. I'm in denial that this is her last year of middle school. Here she is listening to the high school jazz band. Too bad the jazz band doesn't have flutes. After the concert she expressed disappointment in this fact. I suggested maybe changing instruments. It offered food for thought.
I used a 300 mm lens for both of these concert photos. I had to really pump up the ISO...it was a 6400 which caused a lot of grain, but I got their faces!