72 Leprechaun Trap

Today, Little D was inspired! Something inside her motivated her to create a trap...a trap for pesky leprechauns. She enlisted Baby M and gathered up the necessary supplies: a box, tape, markers, construction paper, and large toothpicks. They set to work in Baby M's room.

The inventors discussing how the trap will work.
 While they were creating, I had to run to the grocery store. At the store, I found shamrocks...the perfect bait for little leprechauns. With the trap complete and the bait ready, the kids set up the trap downstairs in a little corner where leprechauns might hide.

The girls put on green shirts to pose with their trap. My Italian-looking girls proud of their slightly less than 1/4 Irish heritage.
If you pass by our house on St. Patrick's day and see a rainbow ending in our front yard, you'll know we found the pot of gold!