65 Boys and Toys

Our nephew from New York is in town and Hubby's oldest brother, Al, came to visit too. The man cave is full of testosterone.

When Al comes to visit he always brings the kids a surprise...usually a toy. While hanging out with Baby M the other day and watching Nickelodeon, the guys discovered a new game, Doggy Doo. Yep! You feed the dog a flubber-type treat and squeeze the leash. The leash sends air (making farting noises) through the plastic dog until he poops it out. The person who collects 3 poops first wins! A perfect toy for a three-year-old and, aparently, middle-age men.

Well, Baby M tried the whole system first and it wasn't working quite right. She was feeding the dog but nothing was coming out the other end.

Here she is trying to diagnose the problem.
 Hubby took control of the situation and performed a colonscopy on the dog, dislodging too much doggy-treat stuff.

After about 30 minutes of frustration, the system was finally in good working order; tooting and pooping. They all sat down to play!

After a rousing round of play, Baby M won! This is all true...I can't make this crap up (lol)!