57 The iphone Generation

When my older daughters were little, about a decade ago, video games, cell phone apps and DVRs were not a part of our existence. I was adamant that video games would not be allowed in my home until both girls knew how to read. They learned how to read and earned the Wii we now own. They proved to be responsible with technology and earned the privilege of an ipod touch. We have technology all around. Now, what about my three-year-old? Well, I think she was born with an innate sense of how to use technology. Some how she knows how to unlock my smart phone, find the photos and flip through her favorites. If she finds my phone or her sisters' ipods unattended and within reach, she sneaks under the dining room table and plays with her favorite apps while we walk by unaware asking "Where is M?" I worry about her brain development, but also use these new technology gizmos to my advantage when necessary, like being trapped in the car on a rainy day waiting for school dismissal.