43 Cookies!

In case you don't know, Girl Scouts are out and about selling cookies. Little D is one of those charming young ladies interested in selling you a box of Thin Mints or Carmel DeLites (which is a misnomer because there is nothing lite about these babies.) After much begging, Little D convinced me to set up a stand in our driveway and sell cookies to people passing by. One of our neighbors came over and said, "I guess it's lucky you live on a busy street." To which I replied, "I guess that's the only good thing about a busy street!" We sat out there for 2 and a half hours and sold 20 boxes plus 5 care to share boxes. Now we are pretty much out of cookies! Yay!

Little D all set up and waiting for her first customer.

The assortment!

She decided we needed some signs. Here she is making a sign.

Holding up the sign as cars pass! Many people looked...few stopped.

Baby M decided to help too!

Half way in she decided to take a break.

Not as enthusiastic...sitting!

Also,  not as enthusiastic. We're starting to break down :o)

One last burst of energy! Her shadow as she holds up a box of cookies to a passing car.