23 Long and Busy Day...

The day started very early. Miss K needed to deliver her History Day project by 7 a.m. Most kids did a three-panel display board; not my kid and her friends. Their display panel was a kiosk, nearly 6 feet tall with four sides and wheels. It took two dads, three middle-school students, one sister and a mamarazzi to deliver.

Then it rained...all...day! I had to pick up two sets of children and drive them home. In all, pick up took about 2 hours. While I was waiting for the big kids, I noticed a reflection in the puddle. This is definitely what a California winter looks like.

I came home with dinner...Chinese dumplings, egg rolls and roasted chicken. Baby M put on her best silk dress from Japan. Hubby got out the chopsticks from Korea. And we ate our American-influenced Chinese New Year dinner. Happy New Year everyone!

Hubby got the Chinese New Year decorations out over the weekend. Baby M thought they were decorations for her birthday party, which is in a couple of weeks. She was disappointed to learn that there was no cake.