21 Hula Hoop Fun

When I was a child I tried hula hooping and was unsuccessful at keeping the hoop moving around my middle. As an adult, with my own children, I tried hula hooping and again, no success. Then about six months ago I read an article about hula hooping for fitness. The article said that anyone could hula hoop with the right hoop. I started my quest to find a hoop. I finally purchased one today. It wasn't a quick purchase. In fact, as I did my shopping, I started to put it back several times, thinking "what if I buy this thing and I still can't hula hoop. It would be a waste of money." Well, positive thinking won and I brought it home. Guess what!?! I'm hula hooping! It was so fun and exciting...a dream come true...lol! I hula hooped with the kids for about an hour...yes, an hour. Woohooo!