16 Mall Madness

Since Little D's birthday is during the holiday break, we always seem to play catch-up with birthday activities in January. I've pretty much given up on friend birthday parties, but Little D desperately wanted to celebrate with a few close friends. After much negotiation, I decided to take her and two friends to the mall. Actually, it's a rather easy birthday party and costs much less than most other activities. I just gave the girls each $20 to spend and let them cruise the mall, then took them all to lunch; no goodie bags, no entertainment and no mess to clean up. Perfect and they all had so much fun! They are cute girls and growing up so fast.

No birthday cake for this party, just giant ice cream shakes!
 After we got home from the mall, Baby M took a nap. Little D and I left her sleeping with Daddy and went to the beach. The sky was amazing.