11 Park Play

We haven't been to the park in ages but I needed to get out. I needed some exercise and so did Baby M. We started out walking to the store for diapers (the potty training is not going well), stopped at the local taco stand for burritos and ended up at the park. There were some older boys (4 year-olds) there and Baby M enjoyed just watching their play. She had a curious look on her face but couldn't take her eyes off them. Boys! They're just different. They were destroying aliens or something. One boy asked Baby M if she was brave enough to shoot a gun and defend the star ship from invasion. She just looked at them as if they were speaking a foreign language. I answered for her..."um...I don't think so." They carried on without a Princess Leah.

Watching the boys...

Contemplating how to answer the request to defend the Universe...lol

My little monkey...maybe she's not brave enough to protect the Universe but she is brave enough to climb a pole!