339 New Year's Eve

Today is New Year's eve and our last day in paradise. I find it fitting to end a year and an amazing trip all on the same day. Today is also the last day of my 2011 365 challenge. I made it to 339 days of photos which I think is pretty darn good, especially since I started in mid-January. So we said goodbye to our beautiful beach (I cried) and traveled all over the island today waiting for our 9:40 p.m. flight back home. We saw a lighthouse, whales (from a distance), the spouting horn, and the sunset in Kauai. Our red-eye home was fine and as we drove home on the freeway we saw the sunrise on a new year.

Sunrise over Hanalei Bay on New Year's Eve.

My artistic attempt to bottle the magic of this place.

The brothers together one last time on the Hanalei porch.

The girls at the lighthouse.

Spouting horn...

Our New Year's Eve toast before heading to the airport.

The girls at sunset on New Year's Eve