337 Back to Tunnels with the Family

We thought we would try Tunnels one more time to see if we could see a sea turtle while snorkeling. Well, it wasn't in the cards for us this trip. The waves were still too big and the shore break was dangerous, so once again we enjoyed the water from the beach. It was amazing to watch the really, really good surfers ride the giant (at least 15 foot) waves. Today, we weren't alone. The rest of the family joined us for a little walk and I nabbed a family photo.

Taking in the view. I'm going to get this photo printed and put in on my office wall to keep me in the Kauai state of mind.

After the extended family left I talked Hubby and the girls into a family beach photo and I love it!

This evening we all went out to dinner. Uncle E took this beach family photo with us all looking pretty. I think we look great here but actually prefer the grungy beach look.

Uncle E on his Kauai porch.

A photo of me just to actually prove that I was here too. Little D was the photographer.

After dinner we gave Little D her birthday present (it was a day early). I think she liked it! It was the ipod touch she had been saving for.