333 Christmas Day

It's amazing to me how life works. I didn't plan for Christmas Day to be number 333 in my 365, but I missed just the right amount of days to make it possible, maybe even Divine. I believe it was a sign from God, a message for me regarding my blog and it's perfection...perfectly timed and perfectly created.

That was the first of the 333 significance. The second is that our vacation group became complete when two of Hubby's brothers joined us; three brothers (not to be confused with the three wise men...lol) on day 333.

The day started with the traditional opening of gifts from Santa. Santa only brought what he knew we could fit in a suitcase to bring home with us. But he stuffed the stockings and everyone was joyful! And ended with us all gathered around the dining room table, laughing and connecting.

When asked what her favorite gift was, Baby M replied, "My gum!"

She also loved her new Snoopy pjs. You'll see just how much below.

Itunes for Miss K...now she can download that song she's been begging me for.

Little D's pile of gifts included cupcake lip gloss!

Baby M loved her Snoopy jammies so much she insisted on wearing them to the beach. Yes, it was a tropical 78 degrees and she's in long sleeved Snoopy PJs. But those didn't last long....

When she was done with her PJs she stripped down to her diaper. Here she is enjoying some of the best shaved ice on the island.

Here are the girls in the downstairs family room connecting with their older cousin.

Christmas night we drank, talked, laughed and spent time as a family!