330 Got Snorkeling Gear

Today was all about getting ready for snorkeling. We got a slow start, headed to town for lunch, picked up snorkeling gear for all who needed it and drove to check out local beaches. We explored Hanalei pier, Tunnels and Ke'ke. I think we might head to Tunnels tomorrow. Anyway, when we got back, the girls couldn't wait to test out the mask, fins and snorkel. They ran to the beach and dove right in. We weren't alone on the beach. There was a seal pup snoozing on the beach. He was perfectly camouflaged and the only reason we noticed him was because a women came looking for him. We didn't bother him and he kept on sleeping. The lady said he has been coming to shore in this area for a few days and we may see him again. We are currently trying to think of a name for him...any suggestions?
I love this photo of the girls. They are two peas in a pod...with snorkeling gear.

Non-snorkeling activities included playing with sticks.

And, running up and down the beach.
Happy feet!

Our new friend...old what's-his-name :o). Doesn't he blend with the sand and rocks?