329 Chores in an Island Paradise

We rented a house for our island vacation, which required a few errands on our first day. We headed to Costco! I'm happy to report Costco is just the same in Kauai as at home. We even had hot dogs for lunch. We raced home...island-type racing which means we didn't drive faster than 35 mph...to jump in the ocean. Our rental home is right across a two lane street (they call it a highway...we would call it a drive way) from the beautiful Hanalei Bay and a picturesque sandy beach. I woke up to a perfect sunrise and the girls spent the afternoon in the warm tropical waters. We did have a few rain showers but who really cares when you are wet already.

The view from our front porch.

Girls swimming!

Smiling for Mamarazzi

Resting and waiting out the rain.