328 Start of Christmas Vacation

We were finally off. After months of planning and weeks of preparation, we were finally off to the airport to start our Hawaiian Christmas vacation. Last year we went to Tahoe, so we were going from a snowy Christmas last year to a tropical Christmas in Kauai this year. Baby M didn't like flying much last year, she cried every time we boarded a plane. My fingers were crossed as we drove to the airport and I had my whole extended family praying for a peaceful flight. Well, I'm happy to report, Baby M was happy to fly the friendly skies. Aside from a mean lady in front of us, who complained about Baby M kicking her seat (which honestly Baby M was very good, just a little wiggly), the flight was a joy. We landed safely and made our way to our island accommodations.

After zipping through security, we stopped at the lounge for a little holiday cheer.

Baby M getting her new camera out...Thank you Aunt B and Uncle S!

Hubby isn't used to traveling with a gang. Here he is trying to pretend he doesn't know us :o).

All is a-o-k!

The view reminds me just how small we are and how big and beautiful our world is...sometimes we just need a different perspective.