325 Nutroll

Nutroll is like family...mostly sweet with a lot of nuts :o). I know that's not exactly the quote, but I think it's fitting at Christmas time. For my family, I carry on the tradition of making nutroll at Christmas. This tradition is handed down from my great-grandmother to my grandmother and from my grandmother to my mom and from my mom to me. It's not a hard process, in fact it's gotten easier with modern appliances, but it does take a certain amount of time. My daughters are old enough now to help. When I was a preteen, or maybe I was a teenager, I used to help my mom spread the nuts over the dough. This year, as my mom and I watched over them, Miss K and Little D spread the nuts. I was so happy to have my mom visiting for this year's baking. She brought her own rolling pin :o).

This family tradition comes from my Dad's side of the family, so I think this photo is fitting with him watching. He had a few comments, mostly "add more nuts." Which is apparently what he told my grandmother too. It results in nutroll bursting with nut filling.