312 Scary Mrs. Claus

Today was our church's holiday brunch that includes a visit from Santa Claus. Although this year he was very busy, so Mrs. Claus came to represent. It's like when the First Lady attends an event instead of the Prez, same sort of deal. Anyway, Baby M didn't want anything to do with Mrs. Claus or even Santa for that matter. She kept telling me over and over, "I don't want to see Mrs. Claus." Okay, well, Mommy's try but things don't always work out as planned. Just before Mrs. C's arrival, Baby M desperately needed a diaper change (it was a stinky one...if you know what I mean.) So we ran to the ladies room to take care of business. The whole time in the ladies room, Baby M kept saying, "I don't want to see Mrs. Claus." Okay, I reassured her. "We'll have one of your sisters get your present." Just then, who should step out of the handicapped stall? Yep! Mrs. Claus. You would have thought a giant monster was in the room. Baby M went white and stared in disbelief then let out a hysterical cry and ran to the door trying to get out! It was a scene to say the least. The whole time poor Mrs. Claus was trying to comfort her. Well, I grabbed her (with an it's okay look to Mrs. C) and we high-tailed it out of the ladies room. When Baby M's name was called to come get her gift, Mrs. C just gave me an understanding look and handed me the gift.

Poor Baby M still had a tear in her eye as she opened her gift.