311 The Tree's In the House

Ho, ho, ho...the Tree's in the House! We went first thing this morning to pick up our tree from the elementary school fundraiser. They just put the trees in a pile and we wanted to get a good one. But, in between picking up the tree and decorating it, we had about 10,000 things to do. Okay, so that's a tad bit of an exaggeration, but it felt like 10,000. Any way, by bedtime, the tree was decorated and lit and the house smells wonderful. Don't ya just love the Christmas tree smell. I think it ranks right up there with fresh-baked bread...lovely.

No...it's not your eyes...I purposely blurred the photo. I like how the Christmas lights look.

Decorations on the mantle, complete with fake garland.

Our little helpers were very tired and very grumpy and not that helpful but I wouldn't dream of decorating the tree without them (although I must admit I was tempted.)

All done, beautifully lit and well placed in the livingroom window so the rest of the neighborhood can enjoy our tree too!