304 Going Home

Time flies when you are having fun and we had a ton of fun. Our traditional family Thanksgiving is the best. Even though my siblings live close (all less than an hour drive away), we rarely have time to just sit and talk. During Thanksgiving we do just that. We reconnect and remember why we love each other so much. I'm so grateful everyone was there these last few days, healthy and happy, and that we all get along so well. There were a few tears as we said goodbye.

Bye Grammie and PapPap...we love you! I purposely chose the blurred photo because to me it symbolizes a whirlwind of a good time and how it looks to say goodbye with tears in my eyes.

Before we left I took some fun shots of the cousins together.
The boys are definitely out numbered in the cousin count. I think Cousin R's shirt says it all...Awesome ends with ME!