295 Artists

Today was the district PTA Reflections Evening of the Arts. Both older girls won their division at their school level and went on to this district competition. We arrived a little late and went straight to check in. The lady asked for the artists names. She search for Miss K's participation ribbon first and came up empty. As she searched for Little D's name, another lady took Miss K aside toward the.....TROPHIES!!
Yes! Miss K won her division and her photo will move on to the County level. This year's theme was "Diversity means..." Miss K's artist statement:

To me diversity means individuality. My photo shows diversity in the individual choice of shoes. I chose shoes because I feel that your shoes express something about you to the world. They show your personality and your interests. Running shoes, ballet shoes, heels or flip flops, all say something different about the person wearing them. I chose only to color the shoes with people in them because I believe that shoes are not vibrant or alive alone or unworn. Without the people, shoes simply fade into the background.

Little D didn't win, but I still think her photo and concept ROCKS!