289 Treasure every day

Well, today was the much anticipated 11-11-11 and veteran's day. The children had the day off from school, so I agreed to take them to Pretend City (the big girls wanted to see what all the fuss was about) and THE MALL! I never take them to the mall. Firstly, I believe most things at the mall are over priced. And secondly, I believe they really don't need anything from the mall. Both girls have clothes pouring out of drawers and lying on the closet floor, obviously illustrating too me that they have "too much." But, sadly, I think it's in the genes of most teen or nearly teen girls to want to go to the mall, so we did. And, so did everyone else :o)! As fun as the mall was, I didn't get a chance to really absorb the magnitude of a day like 11-11-11. Someone in an email said, "11-11-11 only comes around once in a lifetime." As I thought about that I realized, TODAY only comes around once in a lifetime. Every DAY only comes around once in a lifetime. So, I decided that the message for me today was to appreciate and honor everyday, not just the ones with interesting number combinations.

Baby M was so proud that she had the courage to ride the carousel all by herself!