286 Practicing Portraits

Up until this week, I was on hiatus from online photography classes, then clickin moms posted a workshop for portrait posing. It's a one week workshop that was well within budget so I just couldn't resist (sorry Honey). I don't feel very confident posing and photographing people so I usually stick to my kids and just capture them doing what they do. The first paragraph of the workshop materials promises to take the fear out of posing and to give me the skills (or at least the information) to make people love getting photographed by me. Well, we'll see. I decided to start with my toughest critic...myself. If I can take a photo of me that I doesn't make me cringe, maybe I can take photos of others they won't be tempted to destroy. Thankfully this workshop is all about posing adults and teens. The workshop teacher admitted that kids are a little easier because they don't have the hang ups most adults do. So here are my best practice shots of me. I'm actually okay with them. Also, my birthday is next week and I firmly believe everyone should take (or have taken) at least one photo of themselves each year, affirming that you are beautiful right now (wrinkles, weight and all).