285 Leaving for Science Camp

At our beloved elementary school, traditionally our fifth graders go to science camp. Many schools have dropped science camp for a variety of reasons, but our great fifth grade teachers work hard to keep the tradition alive. Since Little D is a fifth grader, it was her turn to go to science camp this year. When Miss K went her trip was scheduled in May. There is no snow in the mountains in May. Little D and all her friends got a winter storm just before leaving, dropping snow in the higher elevations. Word back from teachers after arrival at camp today was crisp, cool air and snow on the ground! Needless to say there were many happy fifth graders! Since Little D is in a dual language immersion program with 50% percent of students native Spanish speakers, many of her friends had never even been to the snow much less a camp! It was an exciting time today with the children getting on the bus and parents saying their goodbyes (lots of cameras of every shape and size snapping photos)! Today, I am grateful for our amazing Fifth grade teachers, our dedicated elementary school community, snow and wonder!