259 Pretend City

We found a new place to play. It's called Pretend City and it's a big warehouse with a little pretend city built inside. There is a pretend grocery store, gas station, bank, cafe, farm, library and so much more. My preschool teacher heart gets so happy just thinking about it. If it affects me, a grown-up, that way, you can imagine how Baby M and her little cousin feel about it...fun, fun, fun!

Baby M watching as cousin controls the stage lights!

Mommy just got gas, now Baby M gets to give it a try.

Baby M playing in the pretend house. It comes complete with a sofa and tv.

Baby M cleaning the kitchen.

Tending the crops in the pretend farm.

Kids can drive cars from place to place. Baby Girl gets a push from her Mom.

Baby M's favorite place was the library because it has a pretend computer.