217 Back to School and A Big E Birthday

Well, today was a busy day...start-to-finish. We started the day bright and early with middle school orientation. Miss K got her id card, her classes, her books and her locker! It was fun to see all the kids. Wow! They have all grown!

New student ID...Miss K approved of her photo!

Miss K and Miss I have been friends since kindergarten. Man, does time fly or what?!

Long line for schedules. No...Miss K did not wait in that long line, I did. Why you ask? I sent her off on an errand and she got distracted!

Comparing schedules!

New locker...exactly two down from last year's locker. Don't they know she's getting taller, not shorter?
 After our busy morning Miss K and I hit to grocery store to prepare for Uncle E's birthday party. A fun evening was had by all!

Presents...Baby M made Uncle E a card with as many sparklies as she could find, thanks to Little D.