201 Fiesta!

We came home from church and the Fiesta was in full swing. My second favorite thing about Fiesta (the closed street being the first favorite thing...see Saturday's post) is the Salsa Challenge. I love tasting all the salsas from local restaurants and individuals. After tasting about 14 different salsas, I had to run home to get everyone something to drink. All except Hubby, who bought himself a beer.

Our lovely empty street has been replaced by a sea of people.

These sweet baby pigs were doing their best to hide from little hands in the petting zoo.

The girls have been bugging me for months to get feathers in their hair. We found a booth on the street that offered them at the right price. Look closely on Miss K's left side.

Little D's feather is red and black.

Baby M doesn't have enough hair for a feather so she had to settle for a tattoo.