Quarterly Favorites

Click it Up a Notch, one of my favorite photo blogs, hosts a quarterly favorites contest. Followers of the blog pick their favorite photos from the quarter and link up. I've been procrastinating because I had so many favorites this quarter. I think my photography hit a new level. After consulting with one of my biggest critics and fans (my husband) I decided on these five:

I chose this photo for two reasons. First, I love the composition, my two-year-old's pose and my older daughters in the background look so happy. Secondly, I like how I processed the photo. It took some practice.

I chose this photo because I love the composition, all the attention on my husband on Father's day, and the way I processed the black and white. My husband's ring is even showing in the photo!

I chose this photo because it really tells the story of potty training: for the child, the long process of waiting for something to happen, and for the parents, a willingness to do anything necessary to help the process along.

I chose this photo, first, because my sister-in-law looks beautiful, and second, because of the back lighting and processing. I had her stand in front of her sliding glass door and metered off her face. The result was a beautiful back lit halo around her head and a white background. Additionally, I processed it with a slightly golden tone, lending a warmth to the image.

Lastly, I chose this photo because of composition of the railing in the photo. I'm always trying to be more aware of what I'm shooting and the affect it has on the composition of the photo. The railing perfectly leads the eye to my daugher before her death-defying leap from our local pier into the Pacific ocean.

Click it Up a Notch