160 Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! Fourth of July is our holiday. It's the perfect holiday for us to host a party for several reasons. First, it's in the summer and our small house feels bigger because we just open the doors and spill out into the summer evening. Second, we are fortunate enough to live close enough to the fireworks display to see them from our front porch. After barbecuing with family and friends, we all gather on the porch with dessert waiting for the show to begin. This year was no different. We had a wonderful time being together and celebrating our freedoms.

God Bless America and all those past and present who serve and protect our country and it's freedoms and liberties.

A sweet little firecracker!
My brother and his baby

Uncle E ready to partE!

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Hubby looks so patriotic, the perfect host and master BBQer!

Baby M handing out the love to Auntie!

Baby M's on a roll...Mrs. P got a hug too!

Our Fourth of July family photo!
My sister and her family on the Fourth!

Our dear, close friends join us every year and it's not a party without them!

The Big Family Photo

The really partiers!