What I learned...

Today, I'm participating in the "what I learned..." link-up with Click it up a Notch. What I learned this week is...I have a lot to learn about photo shoots. I did my first photo shoot for a friend. She's pregnant and I really wanted to shoot a maternity sillhouette. She called and said she was ready. So last weekend, on a very windy Sunday evening we went down to the beach. I got nervous and everything I know flew right out of my head. I got the sillhouettes but the photos that should have had nice exposure were too dark. I couldn't for the life of me, in that moment, figure out how to get the exposure in that setting. I just couldn't think. In hind sight I realized expectations, cold kids, high tide and a windy beach stressed me out. Yikes! Well, I definitely looked at it as a learning experience and want to try it again. Any volunteers???

I also learned how to size my blog photos and add a button....thanks Click it Up a Notch! You're one of my most favorite blogs. I've learned so much from you!

Click it Up a Notch