127 Farm Fresh

For the past year I've been committed to eating locally and sustainably grown produce. Lucky for me I found VR Green Farms in the hills of San Clemente's Bella Colina Golf Course. It was love at first sight last June. Stepping onto the farm, I felt like I was in the hills of Tuscany rather than our California beach town. But it wasn't just the fresh out of the garden vegetables that kept me coming back, it was Farmer Nic. Farmer Nic makes you feel like familia. So, Wednesday evening, Nic invited all his customers to the farm for pizzas baked in an outdoor stone oven and pasta filled with fresh picked veggies. We couldn't resist!

Farmer Nic, in the baseball cap, joined us around the fire after dinner.

This sweet little fellow has been eating all the broccoli shoots.

Baby M was balancing on the chair and the fire pit...dangling in the middle. My little dare devil.