117 Selective Focus

On a DSLR camera, you can choose your focus. You can choose to see the beauty in a photo, put all your camera's attention on it and let everything else fade into the background. What if we all used selective focus and focused on the beauty of our lives or in our world? What would be our experience? I contend that we would have an greater experience of the beauty, joy and goodness that surrounds us. It's like really enjoying a breath when we take it or really tasting food when we eat it. That's one thing I love about photography...it offers me the opportunity to slow down and really see.

For portraits, experts suggest we focus on the eyes. What would we see if we all focused on the eyes, rather than skin color, abilities or clothing? I contend we would see ourselves reflected and have a greater capacity for compassion and love. How amazing our world would be with even more compassion and love!