116 Flower Focus and Sunset Magazine

Today, I posted a link on Facebook to a great blog post about photography that I happened upon this morning. The blogger talked about the importance of nailing focus. When I went to our favorite organic farm this morning, I took the opportunity to photograph beauty with an emphasis on focus. This was my best shot of the morning. I love the colors and the detail.

As I was taking my photos at the farm, I noticed another photographer. She had a professional looking camera and an assistant. Eventually, she came up to me and the girls and introduced herself as a photographer for Sunset Magazine. They are publishing an article about our farm and needed some photos to go with it. Well, she couldn't resist Baby M and her arm full of artichokes, so she snapped a few shots. Baby M actually cooperated. I was pleasantly surprised. Anyway...I don't know when the article will appear or if Baby M will make the cut, but I will keep you all posted.