105/365 Mother

For me, Mother's Day is a wonderful opportunity to honor the most challenging of all roles, motherhood. I always say, "Motherhood isn't for the weak." We, moms, must be strong physically, mentally and emotionally. We need to stay calm driving (even while WW3 is happening in the back seat), cooking (even with a child demanding you solve a complicated word problem or algebraic equation) and waiting out a two-year-old tantrum (breathe...). We learn how to mend wounds, hearts and clothes. It's a jack-of-all-trades job where you learn as you go. No one ever really earns a degree in Motherhood University. The pay is low, the hours are long, the benefits are few, but the honor is huge. And I learned the best of what I know from watching my own wonderful Mother! She taught me so much, but the best thing she taught me was to laugh. There is so much in the world to enjoy and our children are the most precious of all. So, I laugh when I can and try to enjoy the ride.

Me and my Mom!

Me and my girls! Photo credit goes to my sister!