96/365 Ages and Stages

Today, Miss K dressed up like a gypsy and went to school. The whole 7th grade put on a medieval fair. She could choose to be a princess, a pauper or a gypsy. My child chose to be a thieving, con woman! How much fun is that? So different from her true personality.

Then the sunset was so beautiful hiding behind our newly planted flower boxes, I stepped outside to catch a little sunset haze. I really like the look of a hazy photo. It's so romantic.  
I've learned a lot about my newest photo program, Lightroom, and was able to edit out a palm tree that was between the girls and a healing scar on Baby M's face. I love this program!! I was playing around with Lightroom using some photos from Baby M's dance class. I really liked this one is black and white. Such a character!!