81/365 Family

It's what family is all about, coming together in good times and bad. While my brother-in-law had procedures and operations, moved from one hospital to another and literally was fighting to get his life back, we did what family does. We came together and cried, laughed, hugged, made meals, cleaned house and even mowed the lawn. In the midst of all this, my baby niece celebrated her first birthday. We miss you Steve!!

Cousins eating carrots!

PapPap and Dom watching the Masters

J is thinking about her project for Daddy

Auntie working with K on her project for Daddy

R has a whole list of things to share with Daddy. Auntie can't write fast enough.

J making her handprint poster for Daddy
Picking the perfect paint colors for Daddy's poster.

Baby loves the doggy

Baby M determined to get on that swing all by herself.

Playing with cousins!

The things we do for family. It's feels so much better to be doing something...anything...to help!

Even the dog wants to help...or maybe he's pointing out landmines!

PapPap surpervises the workers.

Baby turns 1!

I think the candle has her mezmorized.

Eating cake!

You can see the cousins in the mirror watching Baby eat cake and waiting for their piece!