78/365 Sad Day at the Happiest Place on Earth

This morning we were awakened in our hotel room by a text from my Dad...my brother-in-law, an LAPD canine officer, was shot in the line of duty. Pictured here just one week before. We love you Steve!! More than words can say!

He was in serious condition and had lost a lot of blood. My mind went haywire. We went from planning which park to visit first to searching news channels for updated information. "Carry on" my family insisted and we did, although distracted. I held my heart nearly the whole day, prayed while waiting for rides and held my cell phone close.

Our first stop was to visit Minnie Mouse. Hubby took a group photo on his cell phone, because Baby M had a death grip on me. I'll post the group shot when I can, but this was Baby M's reaction afterwards...

  For the older girls, Disneyland was all about roller coasters...even in Toon Town!