77/365 April Fools

For the past couple of years we have taken the girls to Disneyland for a mini-vacation. This year we decided to play a little April Fools joke and told the girls we weren't going this year. Instead, we told them we would be going to Grammie and PapPap's house for a few days. They were excited to see Grammie and PapPap so it was all good. We kept it a secret right up until the gate. We told the girls we spaced out and missed the freeway exit and had to turn around. Sadly, we needed to turn around right around Disneyland. Little D was in agony..."Please can we go to Disneyland...look at all those lucky people walking to Disneyland!" We told them we were lost and needed to pull into the hotel to ask for directions. Then the parking attended asked "Checking in?" SURPRISE!!!