61-62/365 Hiding

I'm hiding...shuuuush...don't tell anyone where I am. I decided to sneak up to my office and post a few photos from Friday and Saturday. Friday found us at the beach. Baby M is learning how to throw rocks so she looks for the perfect throwing rock. Here she is searching.

 62/365 We started our day at my favorite Italian organic farm in town. Not only do we get the most tasty vegetables, but it is also one of the most charming spots in town. Farmer Nic truly makes us feel like familia when we show up. Here Baby M is checking out the Swiss chard...one of our family favorites. If you don't buy Swiss chard you are really missing out! Wash it and throw it in a hot pan with beads of water still on. Cook until wilted with a little fresh garlic then dress with red wine vinegar and a good extra virgin olive oil (you can buy that at the farm too!). Ummm! Even the kids eat it all up and it is so good for you!

 After we got home from the farm we had lunch and a nap. She's so peaceful when she's sleeping. Beside her are her new favorite bunny-themed books, perfect for spring.