55-60/365 Finally a Quite Moment

Ahhhhh...finally a quiet moment. The weeks seem to be getting busier and the time to edit and post my photos seems to be getting more scarce. I keep taking photos, but to get them from the camera to the computer and edited (even though I normally only crop) takes a quiet moment without: a baby on my lap, a child needing homework help, a family needing to eat, a child needing a ride, or a blogger needing some sleep. So finally, here's the latest...days 55 through 60.

 55/365 Saturday was our last Girl Scout cookie booth sale! We were out there selling our last 30 boxes. If we didn't sell them, the troop would have to cover the cost of the remaining boxes. We sold them and did a happy dance. Little D was really done selling by the time I took this photo!

56/365 We headed to the beach on Sunday for Hubby's birthday brunch and for a walk. The brunch came with champagne and it was sparkling in the sunlight.

 On our walk, Miss K found a rock that she said looked like a face. Maybe it's someone we know? 

 57/365 Monday was a busy day and I didn't pick up my camera until evening, but that was okay because I got a sweet shot of bath time.

58/365 In my car...some days I feel like we live there.

 59/365 I couldn't resist...my mom says Baby M may not be happy about this photo some day. She looked so small sitting there.

 60/365 St. Patty's Day...We celebrated with Shamrock Shakes from McDonald's.  I love this photo because it shows off everyone's personality.
So that's the latest for now and, in case you were wondering, 
I ended up with a baby on my lap...ahhhh...oh well.