50 - 54/365 Week in Review

This week I found little time for the computer, but I kept on snapping photos! Here is the week in review.

Monday 50/365 Playing outside with Baby M. She's wearing her favorite PJ top :o). I love the first picture because it shows her hair...or what there is of it. It's coming in slowly but surely.

Tuesday, 51/365 dominoes tournament. Hubby and his brother had a late afternoon game of dominoes. Big E thoughtfully considering his next move.

Wednesday, 52/365 Baby M enjoying the sunset and view from the upstairs balcony.

Thursday, 53/365 The girls were preparing for Hubby's birthday and making a card for him. Apparently, no one was watching Baby M.

Friday, 54/365 Hubby's birthday lunch. They closed the pier because of the tsunami warning, so no Fisherman's birthday lunch. We headed up the Ave and to Nick's. I found great light in there and the food was wonderful!

Hubby requested a chocolate banana cream pie for his birthday!
Happy Birthday to my best friend and Soul Mate! I love you!

As a side, my heart and prayers go out to all the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. God Bless them all.