44/365 Unexpected Weekend

This weekend started off like any other...Friday...41/365 Baby M playing in her room when she should be napping.

On Saturday, I got the girls in for hair cuts. I've long said "No Bangs," but, to the girls' surprise, I let them get bangs.

 42/365 Little D getting her hair cut.

42/365 Miss K modeling her new look.

 Then, thanks to a last minute decision on Saturday night, we decided to join Little D's girl scout troop and head to the San Diego Zoo on Sunday. We had a great time! We started the visit with a private bus tour of the park then went back to see our favorite animals.

43/365 Two of our favorite animals posing with a lioness statue.

Baby M checking out the giraffes from their point of view.

 During our private tour we got up close and personal with the giraffes. It was very cool and probably my favorite animal of the day.

 44/365 Back to the routine on Monday and just hanging around at the park :o)!