40/365 "NO CHEESE!"

Well, this 365 challenge is taking it's toll, but I'm not the one running out of steam. This week a revolt against being the subject in any of my pictures began. First the big girls complained, then Baby M started yelling "NO CHEESE!" and placing her hand up by my lens. Just for the record...I don't make her say "cheese" for pictures, but that's what she calls me lifting up the camera to take her picture. As for mamarazzi, I had to find something else to use as subjects. Here are my favorites:

39/365 Beach Trail

 40/365 We were at Fisherman's today and Baby M was distracted enough so I could snap a few without much protest and she was too far away to reach my camera.
These photos were taken and posted specifically for my Mom and Dad!
Love you and wish you were sitting next to us!!
We joke that we have more photos at Fisherman's than any other place on earth!
Here's two more to add to the list...but she was so darn cute I couldn't resist!

 40/365 Lastly, my favorite from a class assignment! I'm not going to submit it because I don't think it's technically correct, but I love the focus on Baby M's hand and the light shining through the "flower."