38/365 Taking lots of photos

I've been busy!

36/365 The weekend was all about Girl Scout Cookie Sales. Both girls had two separate sales...one Saturday and one Sunday. If you happen upon some Girl Scouts selling outside your supermarket and you don't want to buy any...just say "No, thank you!" I was amazed at how many people just ignored the girls and kept walking. Many of the girls are shy and just acknowledging them helps so much!

 36/365 As night fell, after Girl Scout Cookie sales, I decided to play around with shutter speed. Hubby helped with one of the girl's flashy toy things.

37/365 President's Day! It was a day off so we took the girls to lunch at Fisherman's and played on the beach. It was sunny, beautiful and cold! Cold for us at least...I know you mid-westerners and east-coasters are simply smiling at the silly Californians who think 60 degrees is cold!

 36/365 Playing around with low light! How many of you would love to capture your child blowing out his or her candles on their birthday in a low light situation without a flash. Shoot in manual (usually the m on any point and shoot camera) and lower your shutter speed (try to stay around 100), lower your aperture (like around f/2.8) and raise, raise, raise your ISO (maybe as high as 1600 or higher if your camera allows it)!

 38/365 Playing around with back light! Took Baby M to Pines Park in Capo Beach. It's the only place I could think of with trees. I needed to find patchy light! I like the result.