35/365 The New Old Chair

It was an exciting day in our house today! For years Hubby has had "his" chair in our living room. I love the lines and scale of the chair and it has sentimental value but the upholstery was all wrong. We lived with it until finally a spring gave out (I think there was some toddler jumping to thank). It needed to be fixed and, while it was at the shop, I decided to have it reupholstered. I found some Italian linen fabric (50% off) online and sent it with the chair to Foam and Fabric. Well, we got a call this morning to come pick it up! Joy...joy...joy! It turned out beautiful!

Baby M was the first to sit in it.

Hubby enjoying an evening cocktail in "his" chair while retelling how he remembers sitting in this very same chair on this great-grandfather Sam's lap. I guess it was white then too. It's finally restored to it's original beauty.

The children are now forbidden to sit in the chair. This was their one and only shot. I know it's white...what was I thinking? But it's so beautiful. I just couldn't help myself. We bought the leather sofas for the children...they can sit there!