24/365 Brothers

Hubby and I both have close families. We actually enjoy being with our brothers and sisters. It's something I hope for my children as they get older. Because we love each other so much, Hubby's younger brother came to town for the Super Bowl and handing off of their seasonal football trophy. Every season Hubby and his brothers look at the long list of weekly games and try to pick the winners. Week-to-week the battle continues. The brother who picks the most wins in the season wins the coveted trophy. This year Hubby won and my Dad (the namesake of the trophy) presented it to him.
The official trophy presentation in the driveway...it's so important we nearly forgot!

Boys will be boys!

Hubby (center) with two of his brothers. A photo their mother would be proud of.

Their true colors come out! They really do love each other!