8/365: An Off Day

Today was just an off day. I got up late and that started things off on the wrong foot. Baby M didn't nap. There was a fire near the elementary school so pick up was crazy! And, did I mention Baby M didn't nap :o). At 4 p.m., I didn't have a photo for the day, nor any inspiration in sight. Then this happened:
The sun was setting and I had to bring the trash cans in off the street. Baby M was crying (did I mention she didn't nap). I left the front door open and something magical happened. I grabbed my camera and caught the first photo and then this happened:
I've been looking for an opportunity to use the door as a frame for a photo. First, it requires a door, which can be a challenge in my house because the places where the kids spend the most time don't have doors. But, this just happened. I guess you could say the door opened to an opportunity. It's not perfect, but it's a start. Dad...you were right! Love you!