15/365 Growing Up

Happy Friday everyone! This evening Miss K got ready for her second boy/girl dance birthday party. It's hard to believe she's growing up so fast. Where did the time go?? I captured this shot as she was getting ready. This is a change from her usual routine. She actually took time to do her hair. Typically, it's lucky to get brushed. I wonder who else is going to be at this party??
In other news, Little D has been home with a fever and cough for the past two days. The sofa has been her rest place. I'm so ready for her to be well!

In a restless moment, I laced up my running shoes and headed out for a 30 minute jog. This was my first run of the new year and it felt great! It made me wonder if I should set a 365 running intention...running every day for a year. I could be great...if it didn't kill me :o)