14/365 Why?

Today I started reading a new ebook, Photography: Nuts and Shots. The book talks about the art of photography rather than the mechanics. In the first few pages, it challenges the reader to discover the "why" behind their photography. The "why" behind picking up the camera. I thought about that a lot today and I think for me the "why" behind my interest in photography is the desire to capture (for myself) the beauty in life. Most especially, to capture the beauty in my life...the people, the things, and the places. Also, I realize how quickly life flies by and I want to remember it all...or at least most of it. I want to remember the way we look today, so in 10, 20, 30, 40 years from now I can look back and remember what a beautiful life this is. To me, there are beautiful works of art, but photos of my family and friends are even more beautiful, more precious. I would rather have a well crafted portrait of the ones I love, than the most valuable work of art on the planet. So I continue on my quest to perfect my photography and capture the beauty as life unfolds today.
A glass of wine and a beautiful sunset reflected in our glass table.

I love the soft golden light and Baby M's face in this photo.

It's been so warm here the flowers think it's spring. These flowers in my backyard caught my attention. A photo challenge I found suggested photographing something with a body part of the photographer in the shot. I kind of like it :o)