13/365 Practice

First...I can barely believe I've made it to the 13th day of my commitment to 365 pictures this year. In honor of my commitment to practice, I purchase an orchid today. Up until today, bringing an orchid into our home has been a death sentence but, inspired by my mom's success with orchids, I decided to give it another try. I took a picture just in case it doesn't make it :o). I'll keep you posted.
Well, I've tried and tried to get blur with shutter speed. Up until today, I understood shutter speed enough to get a nicely exposed photo, but couldn't manage to convey motion. Today, I figured it out!! It's not a masterpiece but rather the best of my newly learned skill. Miss K helped me out by doing a few several cart wheels. I'm so excited!

Lastly, I just could resist posting this picture of Baby M. Recently, she's discovered how fun it is to roll down the driveway on her ice cream truck. I just love this smile.